9780008364175, Cambridge Lower Secondary English Workbooks Workbook: Stage 7 2nd edition

Cambridge Lower Secondary English Stage 7: Workbook 2nd Edition

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The Collins Cambridge Lower Secondary English series offers a skills-building approach to the Cambridge Lower Secondary English curriculum framework (0861) from 2020. The second edition of the Stage 7 Workbook is designed to help students to consolidate their learning through further practice to secure the skills taught in the Student’s Book.

This series is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the new curriculum framework 0861 from 2020.

Consolidate and extend students’ learning with engaging practice activities and additional language support for Chapters 1 to 6 of the Student’s Book.
The numbered units correspond clearly to the Student’s Book and can be set as homework or used in class for further study. All tasks can be completed individually.
As in the Student’s Book each chapter builds from scaffolded activities to more independent and substantial tasks.
The write-in format aids revision and keeps learning in one place, allowing teachers to monitor students’ progress.
Answers to the Workbook questions are provided in the Stage 7 Teacher’s Guide.

Additional info

Author: Mike Gould, Richard Patterson, Alison Ramage and Lucy Toop

Curriculum: Cambridge Lower Secondary

Edition: 2nd Edition

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 96 pages

Release date: 14-01-2021

Series: Cambridge Lower Secondary English

Year: 2021