9780008364144, Cambridge Lower Secondary English Teacher's Guides Teacher’s Guide: Stage 9 2nd edition

Cambridge Lower Secondary English Stage 9: Teacher's Guide 2nd Edition

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The Collins Cambridge Lower Secondary English series offers a skills-building approach to the Cambridge Lower Secondary English curriculum framework (0861) from 2020. The Stage 9 Teacher’s Guide provides comprehensive, practical support with lesson plans, worksheets and PowerPoints for every unit of the Student’s Book.

This series is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the new curriculum framework 0861 from 2020.

Plan for progression with a full scheme of work for each stage. Chapter overviews show where every text form or genre and learning objective from the curriculum framework has been covered.
Start teaching straightaway with ready-made lesson plans, worksheets and PowerPoints for each two- or four-page unit in the Student’s Book.
Detailed, differentiated lesson plans share best practice, whether you are teaching Lower Secondary for the first time or an experienced teacher of the curriculum.
The clear lesson-by-lesson approach allows you to use the resources with ease in the classroom and to build them into your own schemes of work.
Fully differentiated lesson plans suggest how all learners can be supported to make progress through ‘Extra support’ and ‘Extra challenge’ suggestions and worksheets to scaffold or extend the Student’s Book

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Author: Julia Burchell, Steve Eddy, Mike Gould, Naomi Hursthouse, Ian Kirby, Emma Page and Tom Spindler

Curriculum: Cambridge Lower Secondary English

Edition: 2nd Edition

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 208 pages

Release date: 24-12-2020

Series: Cambridge Lower Secondary English

Year: 2020