The Benefits of a CIE Source Book Fair


GLOBAL ARRAY OF PRODUCTS WORLDWIDE RANGE: Come discover a vast array of products from Australian, Asian and European publishers.

SAMPLES: Sign up for free sample copies of key CIE resources


  1. BOOK FAIR DISCOUNTS: We offer a special 40% discount any product purchased at the book fair.
  2. REGIONAL WIDE DISCOUNTS: We also offer discounts on purchase orders from schools who are members of the sponsoring regional association.


CONTESTS & COOL PRIZES: All visitors are given an opportunity to win valuable prizes ranging from free books, coupons to subscriptions for online-resources and more..via raffles, surveys and drawings.


SHARE & REVIEW COLLABORATIVE LEARNING: An opportunity to find out what resources other teachers in your area are using and to review the best options for various aspects of the CIE curriculum.

Who Are the CIE Source Book Fair Leaders?

As part of our initiative to incorporate “the educator perspective” into our organization, CIE Source Book Fairs are all led by CIE Educators! Our knowledgeable Book Fair Leaders make the book fairs even more useful for teachers and coordinators by bringing an educator’s perspective to the table. 
Whether you have questions about how a specific textbook draws connections to the CIE Curriculum or concerns about the practicality of another resource, our CIE Source Book Fair Leaders will be on-hand to help answer all of your questions and offer advice, from one CIE Educator to another!

If your school, district or association is interested in having CIE Source host a book fair for you please let us know.    We strive to support the CIE community in any way we can!