Statistics 2 Practice Book Paperback ( New 2018 )

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Vendor- Cambridge University Press

Author: Jayne Kranat

Dimension: 8 x 0.2 x 10 inches

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 110844492X

Language: English

Pages: 80 pages

Release date: 07/06/2018

Series: Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics: Probability & Statistics

Year: 2018

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This series has been developed specifically for the Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics (9709) syllabus to be examined from 2020.

This title offers additional practice exercises for students following the Probability & Statistics 2 unit of the Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics syllabus (9709). The materials follow the same order as the corresponding coursebook and contain extra worked examples to help students understand the skills required of the syllabus. End-of-chapter review exercises are also provided to help students conduct self assessment, with answers at the back of the book to check understanding

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