International Computing for Lower Secondary Stage 8 Online Teacher's Guide Boost Subscription

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Vendor- Hodder Education

Author: Siobhan Matthewson, Margaret Debbadi

Curriculum: Cambridge International Education Computing for Lower Secondary

Edition: Student Edition

Language: English

Pages: 224 pages

Release date: 31/07/2020

Year: 2020

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Deliver an exciting computing course for ages 11-14, providing full coverage of Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Information and Communications Technology objectives.

The course covers the requirements of the national curriculum for England and is mapped to the Level 2 CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards and the Cambridge Assessment International Education Digital Literacy Framework for Stages 7-9.
- Ensure progression, with a clear pathway of skill steps building on previous experience and knowledge.
- Recap and activate students' prior knowledge and skills with Do you remember? panels.
- Demonstrate and practise new concepts and skills with Learn and Practice activities.
- Broaden knowledge and understanding with Go further activities that apply skills and concepts in different contexts.
- Introduce more challenging skills and activities with Challenge yourself! tasks.
- Allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills creatively with engaging end of unit projects.
- Develop computational thinking with panels throughout the activities.
- Provide clear guidance on e-safety with a strong focus throughout.
- Clear progression for students going on to study IGCSE Computer Science and IGCSE Information Technology.

Available in the series:
Stage 7 Student's Book: 9781510481985
Stage 7 Student eTextbook 9781510483538
Stage 7 Online Teacher's Guide 9781510483484

Stage 8 Student's Book: 9781510481992
Stage 8 Student eTextbook 9781510483569
Stage 8 Online Teacher's Guide 9781510483491

Stage 9 Student's Book: 9781510482005
Stage 9 Student eTextbook 9781510483606
Stage 9 Online Teacher's Guide 9781510483507

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