SEL Equity Elementary School Toolkit (1-Year Subscription per teacher)

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Delve into the foundational principles of SEL in this Workshop Toolkit with the goal of shaping your teaching style and school philosophy to better align with SEL.   SEL workshops themes are 2 hours or less and take a constructivist approach. 

Each toolkit is valid for 1 year and is intended to be used by one teacher for SEL professional development over the course of that year.  This toolkit is for Grades/Year Kindergarten - 5th-grade teachers looking to understand Social-Emotional Learning and its framework.


The Equity Toolkit

Teachers learn how to create and maintain an equitable learning environment for their students, how to navigate complex equity situations and continue to develop anti-racist teaching styles. 

Students will benefit from teachers participating in this toolkit of workshops since teachers will come away with resources and tools to develop perspective-taking and empathy with a range of diverse cultures and lived experiences including, but not limited to, racial equity and neurodiverse.

Inside this Toolkit:

1. Social Justice in the Elementary School Classroom

Explore the ways teachers can create an equitable classroom within an SEL-aligned lens. Focus on self-awareness and social awareness.

 Capstone: Create a Ripple Effect poster for your classroom

2. Culturally Responsive Teaching in Elementary School

Learn how to create an SEL-aligned classroom environment that is culturally responsive and equitable for all your learners. Focus on social awarenessrelationship skills, and self-awareness.

 Capstone: Reflect and connect with other SEL teachers on this topic

3. Neurodiversity in Elementary School

Discover SEL-aligned tools that general education teachers can use with neurodiverse students. Focus on social awareness and self-management

  Capstone: Create an Equity Plan for your students

4. Racial Equity in Elementary School

Investigate systemic racism in education and tools teachers can use in their classrooms to create more equitable learning environments. Focus on social awareness and responsible decision-making.

 Capstone: Create your own Equity Teaching Philosophy

5. Your Elementary School Classroom Declaration of Equity

Create a classroom declaration of equity step-by-step with this interactive workshop. Focus on social awarenessrelationship skills, and self-awareness.

 Capstone: Create your Declaration of Equity

What's included?
  • Interactive elements to make your learning more engaging
  • Real classroom examples of SEL situations
  • Downloadable classroom-ready resources
  • Create your own custom resources throughout the workshop
  • Engage with a community of peers in the discussion boards
  • 2-hour completion certificate for each SEL workshop theme
  • All 5 SEL workshop themes in this toolkit take approximately 10-15 hours total for completion
  • Visit for additional information.

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