Complete Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE: Core & Extended Workbook (Fifth Edition) (New 2018)

ISBN-13: 9780198428114

Publisher: Oxford University Press

$17.00 USD

Author: Ian Bettison

Edition: 5th Edition

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 0198428111

Language: English

Release date: 08/31/2018

Series: Cambridge IGCSE

Year: 2018

Directly supporting David Rayner's mathematics Core and Extended Student Books, this Workbook provides more practice to boost exam performance. Completely supporting the latest 0580 syllabus for examination from 2020, students can be confident that all exam topics are covered in full.



  • Fully prepare for exams with comprehensive coverage of the latest 0580 Core and Extended syllabus
  • Develop advanced skills via a rigorous step-by-step approach which embeds learning and develops intellectual confidence
  • Boost exam success via extensive practice including exam-style questions
  • Answers included in the back of the Workbook
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