Collins IGCSE ICT - Cambridge IGCSE Teacher Guide Second Edition

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Full teacher support to accompany the Cambridge IGCSE® ICT Student Book Second Edition for the 2014 syllabus – the Teacher Guide content is matched lesson-by-lesson to the Student Book.

• Comprehensively updated for the new 2014 syllabus for first teaching from 2016.

 • Lesson plans for every session in the Student Book; worksheets for every topic

 • Fully supports the approach of the Student Book Second Edition, using scenarios and skills-building to link together the theory and practical parts of the syllabus

 • Includes answers to every activity and question in the Student Book

 • CD-ROM contains PowerPoint presentations and all the source files from the Student Book CD-ROM

 • Written by highly experienced ICT teachers

 • This text has not been through the Cambridge endorsement process.

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