Collins Cambridge IGCSE ® - Chemistry Teacher Pack: Cambridge IGCSE ® [Second edition]

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  • Ensure complete and comprehensive coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE® Chemistry syllabus
  • Access effective lesson plan ideas with split into flexible learning episodes with all answers to student book questions provided
  • Be prepared with lists of resources, clear objectives and outcomes and notes on common misconceptions to help you get the most out of every lesson
  • Support learning with a range of activity sheets
  • Make practicals easy with clear instructions for students and technicians fully checked for safety and effectiveness by CLEAPSS
  • Help medium- and long-term planning with a clear overview of each topic and links to other topics highlighted
  • One of a range of new books supporting the Cambridge IGCSE® science syllabuses, approved for use as Cambridge International Level 2 Certificates in UK state schools
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