Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths Student’s Book Stage 9 paperback

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Vendor- Collins Education

Author: Michele Conway, Alastair Duncombe, Caroline Fawcus, Deborah McCarthy, Sarah Sharratt, Fiona Smith, Belle Cottingham

Dimension: 7.5 x 0.7 x 10.4 inches

Edition: Student Edition

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 0008213550

Language: English

Pages: 260 pages

Release date: 02/01/2019

Series: Collins Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Series

Year: 2019

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Help learners make progress towards Cambridge Checkpoint and IGCSE(R) success with this all new series, written by an experienced author team. Comprising a clear and comprehensive Student's Book, extensive Workbook and a Teacher's Guide, the series helps learners build confidence as they gain a thorough understanding of each topic in the curriculum. The series emphasis the key features of Cambridge Secondary 1 such as developing mental strategies, pattern spotting and problem solving. These key 21st century skills are embedded throughout the resource enabling learners to talk about mathematics with confidence, and apply mathematical concepts to everyday life. * The series reflects a mastery approach, where topics are fully embedded before learners move on to the next part of the curriculum. * Learning and practice is achieved by carefully designed variation that allows learners to progress to a deep understanding of concepts and topics. * Links are made between topics, encouraging learners to build on relevant fluency from previously learnt topics, and practice mathematical concepts in a different context. This helps them to achieve breadth, as well as depth in their understanding. * With challenge questions integrated throughout, all learners get an opportunity to deepen their understanding and build their mathematical confidence. * Learners are encouraged to reflect on their learning, in order to build learner independence. By reviewing their newly acquired knowledge and skills they have full awareness of what they have achieved and where they may require additional practice. * The first time key mathematical words appear they are in bold, making it easy for teachers and learners to identify them. * Pointers and pictorial representations are included to support learners who need some help in knowing how to write their answer. * Learners are encouraged to consider concepts in the context of technological applications. This will be further supported by ideas in the teacher's guide to make practical use of technology for mathematics learning. Collins is working closely with Cambridge International Examinations towards endorsement of the series.
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