Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper Coursebook Cambridge Elevate Edition (1 Year)

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Vendor- Cambridge University Press

Author: Jill Pavich

Edition: Elevate Edition

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Release date: 01/05/2018

Series: Cambridge International AS Level English

Year: 2018

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Through exploration of a wide array of topics, from celebrity culture to poetry in the modern world, this Cambridge Elevate edition focuses on strengthening communication, evaluation, analysis, application and understanding skills. Helping students improve their written responses, use of English and comprehension, this digital resource looks at discussion points relevant to the globally-minded classroom. With frequent practice questions and sample answers, students have plenty of opportunities to build their confidence replying to questions. Answers to coursebook questions are in the teacher’s resource.

  • Provides a guided, scaffolded route through this wide and varied syllabus – with a clear focus on assessment objectives.

  • Emphasises skills development to maximise the potential learning opportunities in this and other subjects.

  • Familiarises students with academic vocabulary and important idiomatic language to develop a fluent writing style.

  • Encourages wider reading and development of current affairs knowledge and discussion, showing students how to apply skills to their individual situations and local knowledge.

  • Provides practice for exams with activities and exam-style questions.

  • Takes an active approach to instruction, encouraging discussion, interrogation and problem solving that supports deep learning.

  • Study on the go with content available online and on tablet devices through the Cambridge Elevate app.

  • Cambridge Elevate editions are customisable and interactive, allowing students and teachers to annotate text, add audio notes and link to external resources.

  • How to use this book
  • Introduction
  • 1. Overview of the English General Paper
  • 1.1 Course overview, 1.2 Core course knowledge, 1.3 Critical reading
  • 2. Understanding and applying
  • 2.1 Summarising and explaining what you read
  • 2.2 Planning and organising your responses
  • 3. Analysing and evaluating
  • 3.1 Argumentative writing
  • 3.2 Discursive writing
  • 3.3 Key skills review
  • 4. Essential language skills
  • 4.1 Use of English
  • 4.2 'Decorative' parts of speech
  • 4.3 'Essential' parts of speech
  • 4.4 Adding complexity to your writing
  • 4.5 Reviewing, editing and revising
  • 5. Skills review and further study
  • 5.1 Reviewing your writing skills
  • 5.2 Reviewing your reading comprehension skills
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements.
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