Cambridge IGCSE® Spanish Teacher's CD-ROM Second Edition

ISBN-13: 9781471890222

Publisher: Hodder Education

$199.00 USD

Author: Simon Barefoot, Timothy Guilford

Dimension: 5.7 x 7.6 inches

Edition: 2nd Edition

Format: CD ROM

Isbn 10: 1471890228

Language: Spanish

Release date: 05/26/2017

Series: Cambridge IGCSE® Spanish

Year: 2017

This Teacher's CD contains all the audio, activities, answers and teacher notes you need to make the most of the Student book, plus graded sample answers to prepare students for the exam.

- Develop listening skills with 97 audio recordings and 97 audio transcripts
- Support your teaching with 300 pages of teacher notes and all the answers to the Student Book exercises
- Prepare students for Paper 4 with 87 pages of graded sample answers with examiner commentary
- Revise vocabulary with 50 pages of editable vocabulary lists

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