Cambridge IGCSE First Language English 4th edition (New 2018)

ISBN-13: 9781510421318

Publisher: Hodder Education

$44.00 USD

Author: John Reynolds

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 256 pages

Release date: 3/30/2018

Year: 2018

Inspire students with a new theme-based approach while supporting them with practical advice and accessible explanations; ensure full coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE First Language English syllabus (0500/0990) with a fully updated Student's Book, written by an experienced author and examiner.

- Motivate students with engaging themes such as travel and exploration and people and community. 
- Develop reading comprehension, analysis and evaluation with a variety of text types and genres, plus annotations to aid understanding. 
- Improve writing skills with model responses and teacher commentary, and establish a strong background in spelling, punctuation and grammar. 
- Expand communication skills with advice on holding presentations and responding to questions confidently.
- Consolidate learning with activities and study tips, as well as extra questions, practice tests and answers to selected questions online.

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