Cambridge IGCSE English as a second language workbook

ISBN-13: 9781444191646

Publisher: Hodder Education

$13.00 USD

Author: Alison Digger

Curriculum: Gr. 9-10

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1444191640

Language: English

Pages: 96 pages

Release date: 3/25/2013

Year: 2013

Build confidence with additional practice and questions in the style of the exam.

This title has been written for the Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language (0510 and 0511) syllabuses from 2015.

- Saves you time with a range of questions that are ideal for use in class, or as homework assignments
- Prepares students for their exams with questions that match the style of the Cambridge IGCSE exam
- Answers to all questions can be found on the Teacher's CD Rom.

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