Cambridge IGCSE English as a second language Student eTextbook

$25.00 USD

Vendor- Hodder Education

Author: John Reynolds

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Release date: 4/15/2016

Year: 2016

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An easy and cost-effective way to teach both the speaking and listening components with one set of books covering two years.
This title has been written for the Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language (0510 and 0511) syllabuses.
- Prepares students for their exams with a focus on assessed language features, such as inference, opinion and attitude
- Develops language abilities at an appropriate pace
Student eTextbooks are downloadable versions of the printed textbook that teachers can assign to students so they can:
- Download and view on any device or browser
- Add, edit and synchronise notes across 2 devices
- Access their personal copy on the move 
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