Cambridge IGCSE® Combined and Co-ordinated Sciences Coursebook Cambridge Elevate Enhanced Edition

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Vendor- Cambridge University Press

Author: Mary Jones, Richard Harwood, Ian Lodge and David Sang

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Release date: 02/01/2019

Series: Cambridge IGCSE

Year: 2019

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Diverse activities in every chapter help develop enquiry and practical skills as students investigate the smallest atoms on Earth to the atmosphere on the moon. This Cambridge Elevate enhanced edition contains self-assessment checklists for making drawings, constructing results tables, drawing graphs and designing experiments, as well as answers to end-of-chapter questions. In addition, animated videos and auto-marked formative assessment questions help students understand important scientific concepts.

  • Cambridge Elevate editions are customisable and interactive, allowing students and teachers to annotate text, add audio notes and link to external sources.

  • Endorsed for full syllabus coverage by Cambridge International Examinations. Teachers and students can be confident the coursebook covers the syllabuses in appropriate detail, with syllabus levels clearly defined.

  • Activities in every chapter help students develop essential practical and investigation skills.

  • Study tips are highlighted throughout to help students assess and develop their own learning styles.

  • Self-assessment questions in every chapter help students track their progress throughout the course.

  • Questions at the end of each chapter build in difficulty and assess higher order thinking skills, preparing students for the style of question they might encounter in their examinations.

  • The Cambridge Elevate enhanced edition is available online and on tablet devices through the Cambridge Elevate app.

  • Digital enhancements include short animated videos and auto-marked formative assessment questions. These help students understand scientific concepts and put theory into practice.

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