Aiming for Second Editions - Grammar for GCSE English

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Release date: 1/6/2014

Year: 2014

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Each of the thirty-six tutorials explains a key aspect of grammar, spelling or punctuation within a GCSE or IGCSE writing context. By exploring the choices other writers make, students will learn how to strengthen their own writing at a word, sentence, paragraph and whole text level.

  • Recap the basics of word classes; sentence grammar, including tenses and mood; punctuation and paragraphing in Chapter 1.
  • Focus on the specifics of writing to inform and explain; writing to summarise; writing to argue and persuade; writing to explore and analyse; and writing to describe and narrate in dedicated chapters.
  • Explore the sample answers in the final chapter on proofreading and editing to understand how you can check and improve your work in exams and controlled assessments.

This explicit, purposeful teaching of grammar, spelling and punctuation in GCSE and IGCSE writing contexts will help students obtain the marks available for accuracy and access the wider range of marks available for effective expression.

These one-off tutorials can be used in regular grammar sessions or as an intensive intervention programme as part of your GCSE course or as a preparation for key stage 4 in Year 9.

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