NEW Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Biology: Exam Success Practical Workbook

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The Exam Success in Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Biology Practical Workbook provides everything students, especially those revising for external exams for the first time, need to grow their confidence and help them achieve the best grades they can in their Practical Test or Alternative to Practical paper.

Print Practical Workbook for use with both the Complete and Essential IGCSE Biology series
Fully supports the latest Cambridge IGCSE (0610) & O Level (5090) Biology syllabuses
Includes complete method, equipment, and safety for all required practicals or alternative to practicals
Directly addresses concerns from teachers about Papers 5 and 6
Provides hints on tackling practical exam questions
Offers tips on translating and applying skills to new contexts
Written by Primrose Kitten, an experienced teacher and science revision expert
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