Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE™ Maths Skills Workbook with Digital Access (2 Years)

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Vendor- Cambridge University Press

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The maths skills workbook with digital access helps learners to develop their maths skills in the context of the Cambridge IGCSE™ Chemistry syllabus. These skills are crosslinked to the coursebook to help students understand how to use them. Practice exercises provide opportunities for learners to practice each maths skill. To support students in acquiring these skills, the exercises gradually increase in complexity.

Practice questions provide opportunities for students to practice their skills in an active learning format, such as discussion opportunities and pair work. Exam-style questions allow students to apply the skills they have learned in an exam-style context. In the last chapter, students will need to select which maths skills they ought to apply in different contexts, without the structure and guidance provided in each of the chapters, helping them become confident, independent learners. The answers can be found online at

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