Cambridge IGCSE Biology Fourth edition Practical Workbook

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Vendor- Cambridge University Press

Author: Matthew Broderick

Curriculum: Cambridge International Education IGCSE Biology

Edition: 4th Edition

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1108947492

Language: English

Pages: 201 pages

Release date: April 30, 2021

Year: 2021

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This practical write-in workbook with digital access is the perfect companion to the coursebook and workbook. The practical workbook focuses on the key practical skills that learners need to develop. It is aimed at learners preparing for practical tests or alternatives to practical tests. Sample data is provided to enable students to use the workbook when the practical cannot be carried out. The workbook is written in accessible English with ÔKey WordÕ feature for English as a second language learners. Each investigation in the workbook covers equipment needed, safety considerations, ÔGetting startedÕ questions to help familiarise students with the equipment and method they will be using and a method with step-by-step instructions, questions focus on the key skills of recording and handling data, analysis and evaluation. Answers for all the questions and exercises can be found online at

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