IGCSE ICT 3rd Edition Coursebook (Print & Elevate)(NYP Due November 2021)

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This coursebook with digital access strengthens practical skills and allows learners to apply theory to real-life scenarios, building core skills they will use in all areas of life. A three-tiered approach to practical tasks throughout our coursebook develops fundamental skills with ÔGetting startedÕ and ÔPracticeÕ tasks, and stretches more confident students with ÔChallengeÕ tasks. Students are given a taste of the industry through ÔICT in contextÕ, adding relevancy to studentsÕ learning. As well as this, learners develop autonomous learning skills through the ÔReflectionÕ feature, encouraging students to assess and evaluate their learning journey. Answers are accessible to teachers for free on the Cambridge GO platform.

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