Collins International Primary Maths Teacher's Guide: Stage 4 [Second edition]

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Collins International Primary Maths supports best practice in primary maths teaching, whilst encouraging teacher professionalism and autonomy. A wealth of supporting digital assets are provided for every lesson, including slideshows, tools and games to ensure they are rich, lively and engaging.

Each lesson is based on a big idea, providing an engaging, exciting theme which is anchored in a real-life international context. Activities, exercises and investigations provide opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of the mathematics they are learning. The course develops learners Thinking and Working Mathematically skills and offers opportunities for group and individual learning. The series also supports Cambridge Global Perspectivesª with activities that develop and practise key skills.

Provides teacher support as part of a set of resources for the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework (0096) from 2020.

We are working with Cambridge Assessment International Education towards endorsement of this series.

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