21st Century Skills Workbook (Middle School)

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In this book, you will find 82 21st century skills exercises.
Each exercise has been designed to enable you to practice and get better at one small aspect of learning in general. The aim of this book is to help you to improve your own success – however, you define success.
21st Century skills exercises need to be practised the same way you might practice a lay-up in basketball or an ollie on a skateboard or a new song on a musical instrument. First, you work out exactly how to do it well and then you do it over and over again making small improvements every time until you’ve got it. And you will know you’ve “got it” when you can do it without thinking about it, and maybe you are even good enough to teach someone else.
Each exercise gives you an activity to perform to practice the skill and it also gives you what is called a “Mastery” statement. This is a definition of what someone who was really good at this particular skill would be able to do. You can use this statement as a goal – something to aim for.
To begin you might like to work out what you want to achieve (see Achieving Goals – pages 74-76), and then look for the specific skills that might help with that.
If it is school work – what do you have trouble with – what might help you improve? Is it making good notes in class? See page 31 – Note-making. Is it meeting deadlines? See page 70 – Deadlines. And if that is the case, you might also need to look at page 89 and learn some Perseveranceskills and maybe page 97 and learn how to deal with Pressure and Stress
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