Cambridge International AS Level History Cambridge Elevate Teacher's Resource

ISBN-13: 9781108705813

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

$75.00 USD

Author: John Etty, Philip Wadsworth, Anna Cowper

Edition: Teacher's Edition

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Release date: 09/01/2019

Series: Cambridge International AS Level History

Year: 2019

Providing you with practical assistance for all three coursebooks in the series, this Cambridge Elevate teacher's resource saves you time with preparation and planning. The digital resource places an emphasis on language support by providing you with detailed advice and multiple activities you can include in your lessons to help build students' confidence. We understand the importance of enabling your students to practise with sources, so weÕve made sure to include a wealth of activities and worksheets which will develop their skills and enhance your lessons. Includes sample answers to activities and exam-style questions. If you wish to buy this resource, we will email you a book code - please contact your sales consultant or customer services.

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