Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature in English Coursebook Cambridge Elevate Edition (2 Years) (NYP Due April 2019)

ISBN-13: 9781108457910

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

$55.00 USD

Author: Elizabeth Whittome

Edition: Elevate Edition

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Release date: 03/31/2019

Series: Cambridge AS and A Level English

Year: 2019

The digital edition of this coursebook helps inspire a love of literature in English and builds greater confidence in analysing and writing about texts. Part 1 introduces students to the basics of poetry, prose and drama through a wide variety of international texts. In Part 2, students hone their skills by analysing sample student responses to essay questions, passage analysis tasks and unseen texts. The final part encourages independent learning with advice about essay technique and avoiding common errors. This second edition includes more opportunities for self-assessment and reflection. Answers to the coursebook questions are in the teacherês resource. Provides flexible, in-depth guidance on how to analyse poetry, prose and drama, which students can apply to any text.

  • Includes annotated sample answers and a dedicated section on •Essay writing skills and techniquesê to encourage independent learning.
  • Helps students to develop a •toolkitê for studying literature, which will enable them to approach any unseen text with confidence.
  • Helps to prepare students for examination, with essay writing guidance, detailed analysis of sample answers and strategies for improving key skills.
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