Cambridge Primary Revise for Primary Checkpoint Science Teacher's Guide [Paperback]

Author: Peter Riley | ISBN: 9781444178333

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Boost learner confidence ahead of the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests with invaluable support and practical, ready-to-use revision activities.

This Teacher's Guide supports revision in preparation for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint test at the end of Stage 6. It contains revision activities for all the strands of the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Scientific enquiry. It includes an overview of the learning objectives, revision activities, supporting photocopiables and tips to improve learners' performance.

Focus revision where learners need most support and ensure coverage of the curriculum with clearly identified learning objectives and easy-to-follow teaching notes for each activity

Prepare learners for assessment with structured practice tests in the style of the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint test, while Quick quizzes offer opportunities to assess understanding and progress informally

Support Scientific enquiry investigations with photocopiable resources, enhance learners' scientific vocabulary with Key discussion words and support them in remembering key concepts and improving performance with Top tips

We are working with Cambridge International Examinations to gain endorsement for this series.

Table of Contents:
Objectives overview
Life processes
Classifying living things
Parts of a flowering plant
Plant reproduction
Life cycle of flowering plants
Plant growth
Food chains
Ways humans have affected the environment
Caring for the environment
Major organs of the body
Bones and muscles
Keeping healthy
Quick quiz 1
Quick quiz 1 answers
Testing materials
Thermal insulators and conductors
Solids, liquids and gases
Heating and cooling
Evaporation and condensation
Mixing and dissolving
Separating mixtures
Reversible and irreversible changes
Quick quiz 2
Quick quiz 2 answers
Mass, weight, energy and movement
Friction and air resistance
The spinning Earth
The way we see things
Sound and materials
Musical instruments
Circuits of electricity
Quick quiz 3
Quick quiz 3 answers
Practice tests
Practice test 1
Practice test 1 answers
Practice test 2
Practice test 2 answers
Study Guide tests answers
How much can you remember? 1 answers
How much can you remember? 2 answers
How much can you remember? 3 answers
Study Guide activities answers
Learning objectives and codes

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Title Cambridge Primary Revise for Primary Checkpoint Science Teacher's Guide [Paperback]
Author Peter Riley
ISBN 9781444178333
ISBN 10 1444178334
Publisher Hodder Education
Language English
Format Paperback
Release date Mar 29, 2013
Year 2013
Grade level Grades 6 to 8 (Ages 11-14)
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