9780198486930, Numicon Kit 1 Class Kit [Paperback]


Numicon: Kit 1 Class Kit [Paperback]

Author: Romey Tacon, Ruth Atkinson, Tony Wing | ISBN: 9780198486930

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Numicon Kit 1 builds on the Firm Foundations Kit and the Numicon Shapes continue to be extensively used throughout the teaching programme.

Additional Information

Title Numicon: Kit 1 Class Kit [Paperback]
Author Romey Tacon, Ruth Atkinson, Tony Wing
ISBN 9780198486930
ISBN 10 0198486936
Replacement N/A
Publisher Oxford University Press
Language English
Format Paperback
Edition N/A
No of Pages N/A
Release date N/A
Year 2001
Grade level Grades K to 5 (Ages 5-11)
Dimensions 19.7 x 14.2 x 10.3 inches
Price $369.00

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